Asking the Right Questions

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I used to be in a never-ending CHAOS.

Constantly SEEKING, constantly BUSY, and frequently ANGRY.

Exhausted in every sense of the word, I found myself trying to please everyone, but I WAS FALLING SHORT.

Then, one day, a light of awareness pierced through the chaos. I realized that this was NOT the kind of parent I wanted to be.

No matter how deep my love for my children ran, they couldn’t feel it through the anger, yelling, frustration, and exhaustion that dominated our interactions.

It was a pivotal moment when I decided to ask myself two profound questions:

Question 1: Who was the parent I truly wanted to be?
Question 2: Did my kids have an idea how much I absolutely loved them?

The parent I yearned to become is one who is connected, fun, kind, calm, nurturing my children’s true potential, and inspiring. This vision was crystal clear in my mind, but something was holding me back.

So what was stopping me?

It was my own EMOTIONS —those relentless, heavy emotions that pinned me down. I’d find myself blaming myself for perceived mistakes, casting blame on others, and carrying a relentless feeling of not being good enough.

These questions sparked a journey of self-discovery that changed everything. I delved within to find answers and uncover my true parenting potential.

I soon discovered that the power to transform lay within my grasp. By taming these emotions, I unlocked the path to the parent I’d always dreamed of becoming.


I invite you to join me on this transformative journey and let’s explore those questions together. Parenthood is a wild ride, but with self-awareness, intention, and help, we can become the parents we truly desire to be.

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