About Parenting with Power

Parenting with Power - Raising Emotionally Resilient Kids

Founded by Yolanda Alvares,

Was created with the aim to support parents with strategies to access their own Emotional Resilience and thereby seize the opportunities to connect through the challenges we face.

Empowered parenting provides families with clear steps to create connections and breakthroughs by active awareness of unconscious patterns, beliefs, and negative behaviour cycles that are keeping parents stuck in a LOOP of frustration, disappointment, and feelings of hopelessness.

The goal is to facilitate an understanding of our child’s needs on a deeper and more connected level, leading to parenting experiences filled with greater freedom, more ease, and greater joy.

Led by its founder, Yolanda Alvares, Empowered Parenting is on a mission to change the face of parenting and more importantly, to consciously put an end to the vicious cycle of generational trauma.

Since 2017, Yolanda and her team have run over 300 empowering events for kids, successfully transformed over 200 families, and have run workshops and programs in New Zealand, as well as orphanages in India.

About Yolanda

Yolanda is a Mother, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Empowered Parenting Mentor.

In her early career, Yolanda completed a Bachelor of Economics and went on to complete her Master’s in Business Management (MBA).

Yolanda is a single parent of 2 daughters, now 17 and 22, who have also co-authored her book “Abundant Motherhood – Empowering Mums to Empower their Kids.”

As a parent, and then a single parent, Yolanda went on a personal journey from breakdown to breakthrough. She recognised the importance of successful relationships for a successful life and decided to embark on a career change.

She embarked on a mission of understanding, in-depth, the role of EMOTIONS and the science behind the workings of emotions within the body. 

Since then, Yolanda completed her certification as an Emotional Intelligence coach, a reiki master and a mindset mentor and has rolled out her 12-week transformational program called “Emotional Mastery for Parent” that has seen over 100 parents in the last 5 years transform their families from breakdown to having exciting and amazing breakthrough experiences.

Today, she runs 2 businesses: Empowered Parenting and Giggles 4 Girls, a kids empowerment initiative.

Armed with these tools, Yolanda is on a mission to change the face of parenting.

Yolanda’s way of life has created powerful relationships with her daughters with whom she is very close.

She has learnt the power of self-love and during COVID she gifted herself a spa, her happy place!

My Book

Abundant Motherhood: Empowering Mums to Empower Their Kids

Are you a mum who desires to guide your children to be the best version of themselves?

Do you wish you could show them ‘the greatness’ that lies within them? 

In order for this to happen, it is absolutely essential that you see the greatness that lies within YOU!

Every parent seeks to provide their children with the tools to lead a happy, successful, and purposeful life. However, the question arises: How do we achieve this?

Yolanda’s book, Abundant Motherhood: Empowering Mums To Empower Their Kids will lead you to:

* Let go of the things that hold you back

* Build a stronger relationship with your child

* Live your true, authentic life with success and happiness

* Inspire your children by guiding them towards what’s really possible

The change will only happen when you are ready for it, so what are you waiting for?

Your abundant life awaits you!

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