Stop Parenting and Start Empowering – Yourself and your Kids

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About Yolanda Alvares

Yolanda is an empowered parenting consultant & coach, she is on a mission and is committed on her journey to raise awareness of empowered style parenting. Where parents 'parent' from a space of power and create a safe space that enables their kids to be in their power too.

Creating a Win! Win!! for both Parent and child.

Allowing for both parent and child to live out their true joyous potential. Yolanda is a corporate professional, a single mum of 2 teenage kids aged 19 & 14 as well as a certified coach. Yolanda runs workshops for both parents & kids around Melbourne & online.

Yolanda is deeply passionate about sharing her empowered parenting work and for this purpose she has put together a book titled ‘Abundant Motherhood - Empowering Mums to Empower their Kids' where she shares her journey from a disempowered to an Empowered Parent!

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What Empowered Parents Say...

  • Yolanda, I just want to let you know that after the last session I had with you, it seems you have thrown a magic portion into my mind. I feel much better and can see things a lot clearer. I feel the words I use with the children are naturally softer and more understanding. It is amazing Yolanda. I want to keep seeing myself this way all the time. I trust and believe I can do it. I am so happy feeling the new me. Hoho!. I understand why I cried, I cried out my pain all the thing that hold me back. Now I am feeling so relieved and so good. Thank you, thank you and thank you. You are an angel that god had sent to help take away all the pains we have. God bless you! Love you so much. Vivian

    Vivian Tan Melbourne
  • I had SO much fun on this journey of self-discovery and emotional mastery. The old me criticized, complained and judged others! The new me has conquered fears, overcome and removed emotions that do not serve me. This course may not sound like your cup of tea and I had my reservations going in too. But I am SO happy that I stayed committed -This was for me! And now I can help my loved ones on their journey THANK YOU, Yolanda. You are loved and you are blessed and I’m sure there’s SO much more to come for you on your own journey!

    Samantha Fernandes Dubai
  • I felt overwhelmed. I was reluctant to reach out for support but knew i needed support and guidance. I was parented very differently from the way I am required to parent today. I was bought up quite traditionally. Empowered Parenting has taught me how to be more in tune with myself as I spend time with my kids. Which allows for a deeper connection with my kids. It has given me awareness and control over my triggers. My kids are even wanting to spend more time with me. I love it! And I love that Yolanda’s course is structured as well as gives you the opportunity to work through your personal challenges as she provides insightful strategies and practical ways to resolve issues. My long term goal from joining this program is ultimately Emotional Mastery of Myself!

    Harpal Singh Johal United Kingdom

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To give our kids and families the best of us! We must absolutely give ourselves the BEST of us first!! Here’s 15 ways to give YOU, your best!!

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Did you know that being a mum and self-love go hand in hand?! This is because in order to continue to give to our kids and our families we must first be disciplined in giving to ourselves. Like me, many of us Mums were not modelled self love by our parents! I learned this the hard way!

I experienced burnout, exhaustion, frustration with my kids and everyone around me as well as feelings of not being supported, coupled with feeling of Nothing I did was good enough! We, MOTHERS, are not able to Pour out of ourselves From An Empty Cup...

Having children is above and beyond a full-time job: it’s a 24/7 demanding role. This is exactly why it’s essential to prioritise SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE.

This Mother’s Day, is about acknowledging your capacity to nurture and shifting our focus on you for a change! Here are 15 WAYS TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER our gift to you for Mother's Day —or any time of year. Use this PDF as your go to fir ideas to love and nurture yourself, as well as to share it with the mothers in your life! They will know we love and appreciate them, and that they are deserving of cultivating a self-care practice.

We at Empowered Parenting value the power of SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE for MUMS and how these practices can TRANSFORM OUR LIVES. Respond "YES" to receive our Mother's Day Special PDF : 15 WAYS TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER