Embracing My Self-Worth

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I just wanted to share a piece of my journey with you because I believe we all need a reminder now and then that ‘Our Self-Worth’ is NOT determined by external factors.

Our self-worth is something that we are here to own, from within ourselves.

So here’s what I’ve been learning:

I am amazing just as I am,
and I’m exactly where I need to be on my path.

There is No rush.. No hurry.. to get anywhere.. just me, being present, embracing every moment.

Here are 5 KEYS to unlocking our own SELF-WORTH.

1. Self-Acceptance
I’ve come to realize that self-worth begins with self-acceptance.
It’s about celebrating my strengths and accepting my weaknesses as part of what makes me uniquely me.
I don’t have to be perfect to be worthy.
I’m already enough.

2. Trusting My Journey
Life’s not a race, and it’s certainly not one-size-fits-all.
My journey is my own, and I’ve learned to trust it. Even on those days when it feels like I’m not making progress or I’m stuck, I’ve learned to have faith that it’s ok to be where I’m at.

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3. Internal Validation
I used to seek validation from others, a pattern I picked up from my childhood, but I’ve discovered that it’s a never-ending chase, which leaves me feeling empty.
So now, I’m focusing on validating myself.
My dreams, my goals, and my opinions are valid and important to me.
I don’t need anyone else’s approval to follow my heart

4. Self-Compassion
Being kind to myself has been a game-changer.
I’ve learned to treat myself with the same compassion and understanding that I’d offer to a close friend or a client.

It’s not about being perfect; it’s about being human and forgiving myself for my mistakes and setbacks i.e. self-compassion.

5. Embracing My Journey
I’m choosing to be excited about what I’m creating because it’s uniquely mine.
Every step, every challenge, and every achievement is a part of my growth and potential.
I’ve started celebrating my progress, even the small ones, ( I celebrate my commitment to journaling daily for a week), because they all contribute to my staying on my path and raise my trust in myself.

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So, if you’re ever feeling like you need to rush or seek validation from outside sources, remember that…

You are amazing just as you are.
Your journey is uniquely yours, and it’s something to be cherished.
Trust yourself,
Be kind to yourself, and
Embrace the excitement of what you’re creating.
Your self-worth shines from within, and when you recognise it, the world sees it too.

Here’s to embracing our self-worth and enjoying every step of the journey!

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