The Five Stages of Empowered Parenting

The Journey from CHAOS to CALM

journey from chaos to calm

Stage 1:

  • No order or routine in the home
  • External and internal frustration
  • Frequent anger outbursts
  • Poor communication
  • Non-compliant kids
  • Fear-based

Stage 2:

  • Awareness of who we are and why
  • Awareness of the influence of our subconscious patterns
  • STUCK in a Generational Pattern
  • Understanding the EFFECT of our behaviour patterns on our kids

Stage 3:

stage 3 empathy

  • Choose your desired pattern
  • Identify and shift your child’s pattern
  • Rewrite your perception of your experiences

Stage 4:

  • To RISE above the problem
  • Self-development – seeking solutions beyond the issues
  • No more projection of undealt emotions on kids
  • Release the influence of our past onto our current parenting experience

Stage 5:

stage 5 calm
  • Ability to connect to the CALM within
  • Emotional Resilience is high
  • Capable to express and manage emotions better
  • Hold space for self and kids
  • Kids feel heard and safe in their emotions
  • Trust and confidence is reciprocated