• I had SO much fun on this journey of self-discovery and emotional mastery. The old me criticized, complained and judged others! The new me has conquered fears, overcome and removed emotions that do not serve me. This course may not sound like your cup of tea and I had my reservations going in too. But I am SO happy that I stayed committed-This was for me! And now I can help my loved ones on their journey 💪👋😁❤️💥 THANK YOU, Yolanda. You are loved and you are blessed and I’m sure there’s SO much more to come for you on your own journey 🤗

    Samantha Fernandes Dubai
  • “Yolanda has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my son (13yr old) underlying needs. This has also helped me to approach him with developing compassion for him and especially for myself. I have shared my learnings with my older son too. Yolanda has a broad psychological knowledge that’s amazing! I am confident that my understanding of your teachings will come to me“

    Elke Freynhagen-Peikert Dubai
  • I felt overwhelmed. I was reluctant to reach out for support but knew i needed support and guidance. I was parented very differently from the way I am required to parent today. I was bought up quite traditionally. Empowered Parenting has taught me how to be more in tune with myself as I spend time with my kids. Which allows for a deeper connection with my kids. It has given me awareness and control over my triggers. My kids are even wanting to spend more time with me. I love it! And I love that Yolanda’s course is structured as well as gives you the opportunity to work through your personal challenges as she provides insightful strategies and practical ways to resolve issues. My long term goal from joining this program is ultimately Emotional Mastery of Myself!

    Harpal Singh Johal United Kingdom
  • Empowered Parenting is a mind and life changing experience. One of its kind, honestly. I’ve learnt more about myself and my children after just 6 weeks with Yolanda than after months of therapy and countless parenting courses.

    Katia Britta United Kingdom
  • “My awareness has improved greatly. I've done the emotional mastery course with Yolanda. I would just like to say how rewarding I found the experience and how happy I am that I did. I met Yolanda and then I stopped working with Yolanda because it's really been an amazing journey. I can't really put into words how much it's helped me with connecting with my kids and just learning to communicate better with everybody around me. I feel like I've come a long way since my course. I guess part of my transformation has resulted in a lot of reflection, a lot of thought and empowerment. I've done a lot of things and have improved for me in my life. Since doing the emotional mastery, I've stepped up and made changes in myself. I went on a journey and as part of that journey, I found that I wasn't where I wanted to be exactly in my life and I didn't, I didn't exactly know what I wanted, or where I wanted to be and I think. The whole program definitely helped me a lot with that and a lot of self-development. I found that my daily routine wasn't really where I wanted to be. And I wanted to give myself more power and more freedom. And so I have a passion, I have a passion to help others so you know I feel like the experiences that I have been through myself. I feel that gives me a good opportunity and a good understanding. I know that everybody's journey is different, but I feel like it is really a good understanding and a good background to be able to really step in and help other men, or the men out there that might be challenging, might be, you know, going through challenging times or finding things difficult. So yeah, thank you, thank you Yolanda. I'm also very excited about it, and I've got Yolanda as my mentor."

    Marcus Ross Melbourne, Australia
  • This was such a great meetup: "Parenting from A Higher Self." I'm so glad I was part of it. Thank you Yolanda for all your wisdom and love to us. My heart is full of gratitude and blessings. Love you!

    Deena Trocino Eastpointe, Michigan USA
  • Yolanda is brilliant and I cannot thank her enough for the wonderful impact and joy she has brought to my life. In her teachings of managing emotions, I have so much clarity, confidence and a whole new perspective on life and parenting. The journey has been life-changing and inspirational.

    Inti Bravo Melbourne, Australia
  • Yolanda has been a huge encouragement in facing my own issues with openness and courage and in acknowledging my fears to be able to see where patterns have come up and why and to create space for a new more positive reaction. Still early days in this new more aware journey but it's been a huge positive shift already. Thank you so much Yolanda!

    Hana Cox Melbourne, Australia
  • My life was a cycle of being the victim. It was old patterns and habits that only served negativity. Yolanda provided me with the path, gave me the right tools to change, and offered endless support. I am now on my way to being victorious and courage

    Helen Fisher South Wales, Australia
  • My teenager daughter Malaika and myself watched your videos together today and we talked about self worth and the different perspectives it brings to our lives. It made us realise that what we believe about ourselves isn’t true who we truly are, are what we tell ourselves! And that’s what affects our body and mind. Thank you Yolanda and the girls for all your uplifting videos.

    Amita Bahrain
  • Yolanda Alvares your support and guidance has and will continue to make my life and my family’s life so much better and whole. Thank you so very much, endlessly indebted.

    Barry White Melbourne, Australia
  • Yolanda is an Inspiration, a Thought Leader, and an Influencer. In our Empowered Parenting Group, she has guided me to think from love and act from love, to speak and respond through love languages, and have deeper connections with my loved ones. Those who know me would have imagined I was already doing this, but Yolanda has inspired me to be an even better version of myself & create a much bigger & better personal and societal impact in just a few short weeks. Don’t be to hard in yourself if you haven’t had a chance to experience learning with Yolanda yet - there are plenty of topics to choose from -and if it’s meant to be, then it will!

    Samantha Fernandes Dubai
  • Thank you Yolanda Alvares and ladies for 12 amazing weeks of discovery, growth, and connection! Parenting can seem so lonely at times, and riddled with doubts and fears. This program not only gave me a connection with other lovely mamas who were struggling with similar doubts and fears, but it gave me perspective on how my actions and behaviours were creating the negative emotions and experiences in my children that I was so desperate to change. The program highlighted that by loving myself better and managing my thoughts and actions better (with various tools provided) I could vastly improve my relationships with my entire family. The tools I’ve learned through the process and the learnings about myself have been extraordinary. When doubts and fears creep up, I know exactly what to do so that they don’t overcome me and send me back into my unhelpful and negative parenting patterns. Yolanda, you have shedded light and guidance in a powerful, no-nonsense way that cut through my excuses and resonated with the core of me. I didn’t always like it, and sometimes resisted it, but in the end, your help is what has moved the dial with my parenting and with many of my other relationships as well. I cannot thank you enough!!! I’d highly recommend Yolanda’s 12 Week Program to all parents who are struggling with their emotions when it comes to their kids. I feel like I’m a much calmer and centred parent since doing the Empowered Parenting program and as a result, my children are calmer and so is our home.

    Inger Bennett Perth, Australia
  • Every parent wants a home that is filled with peace and harmony. Since working with Yolanda and applying Empowered parenting methods my reactions and my thinking has changed. Today, I have a home filled with peace & harmony. I have the power to change how my children are going to be raised. My children are not going to grow up with what I grew up with. I have the want, the desire and now I have the power to change that!

    Lauren Lucas Sydney, Australia
  • Since following Empowered Parenting techniques our family has a greater level of ACCEPTANCE of each other. There is a lot more fun, banter, laughter and positivity being shared within our home. Even the kids are willing to do housework without being asked! Everyone in our family is feeling happy to do their best”

    Azeez Shariff Melbourne, Australia
  • Yolanda, I feel as though this week has been a great improvement on last week. The session with you last Friday made a difference in me too, thank you. I have had your words in my head "don't give them something to push against"; also I think you are right about AWARENESS being the most important step in clearing ourselves from things that trigger us. Thank you and I look forward to learning more from you tonight.

    Rachel Hook Yarra Valley, Melbourne
  • @Yolanda Alvares my coaching with you has been worth the entire investment just for the way I handled today alone... a million thank yous coming your way. Had I had this day even just a week ago I would’ve been a complete wreck! Instead everyone is happy and proud and excited about finding new ways to achieve our goals 💖💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Kristin Wood New South Wales, Australia
  • Yolanda, I just want to let you know that after the last session I had with you, it seems you have thrown a magic portion into my mind. I feel much better and can see things a lot clearer. I feel the words I use with the children are naturally softer and more understanding. It is amazing Yolanda. I want to keep seeing myself this way all the time. I trust and believe I can do it. I am so happy feeling the new me. Hoho!. I understand why I cried, I cried out my pain all the thing that hold me back. Now I am feeling so relieved and so good. Thank you, thank you and thank you. You are an angel that god had sent to help take away all the pains we have. God bless you! Love you so much. Vivian

    Vivian Tan Melbourne, Australia
  • My coach Yolanda Alvares made this journey entertaining, rewarding, fulfilling and spiritual. Before my first session, I focused only on meeting the needs of my family putting myself last and my work goals, however at the end of my 5th session, Yolanda helped me tackle my disappointments, find inner peace, set higher goals and move towards a positive and optimistic me. I reached my family goals, personal goals and work goals. Every session with Yolanda was rewarding and helped me in ways I never expected. These life coach sessions are worth your time and commitment. A must for yourself! Good luck on your journey!

    Maria De Souza Toronto, Canada
  • Since working with Yolanda, my life has changed. With each session I found that I was able to let go of the day to day busyness and my life has become easier. Yolanda is intuitive in her sessions, I felt she knew exactly what I needed to take me to the next level in my parenting, personal growth and awareness. Through my sessions I learned that we have the power within us to create our life and the possibilities are unlimited!

    Michelle Fernandes Auckland, New Zealand
  • It's safe to say that most of us would like to be better version of ourselves, and for that, we need to have the right support system. If you're looking for someone who genuinely cares about your wellbeing and thriving as a parent. Yolanda's experience, knowledge, and heart will be an invaluable source of inspiration. And, as evidenced by her beautiful relationship with her two girls, she walks her talk

    David Hashai Melbourne, Australia
  • "Ask - and you will Receive... In abundance". I have been fighting with myself, through my own anger. At first it was not anger, it was more of a " it's okay" only to realise that - IT WAS NOT Okay. And this affected my relationships with myself and with others. I ASKED - I WANT TO BE A BETTER VERSION of myself and YES ... I was abundantly blessed with the kindest soul - Yolanda Alvares who said " Ahoy, mate. You need to let the anchor and start sailing to your North." All of this journey began, when I took up one of Yolanda’s sessions, called "from Chaos to Calm" and it was suppose to be about how to deal with your kids in a time of home schooling and from within a voice spoke to me saying .. your ready. Go forth. I just did a beautiful journey together with Yolanda Alvares and it has made me new again, enabled me to find myself and let go of the people including myself haunting me with unconscious words and deeds. I am Feeling Absolutely Fantastic! And want to say Thank you to Yolanda and for this lovely experience and to each of you who read through this process and ofcourse to myself.

    Ravelino D’souza Mumbai, India
  • Yolanda is right on the pulse of advanced parenting. So many parents are wracked by guilt about their ability to parent. But let's face it how much education did you receive on this compared to 13 years of insane information that you had to study at school. Yolanda Alvares helps you identify your fear based patterns around parenting and more importantly how to let go of the guilt and relax into your parenting which relieves your children from having to mirror back your fears. Well done Yolanda! Your skills are helping parents create the leaders of the future.

    Rosemary McCallum Melbourne, Australia
  • ‘Thank you Yolanda. I always feel on top of the world after I spend time with you. I am very Excited about our journey ahead’

    Marija Sesar Melbourne, Australia
  • I loved talking to Yolanda @empoweredparentingcoach yesterday on her Empowered Parenting Group, on how we can manage emotions through music. I love it when we connect with people who say something that creates a deep ‘aha’ moment. Yolanda helped me realise this is one of my core intentions for my work and songwriting. As a parent it is an ongoing challenge to help kids identify and express emotions. I love helping families connect and express emotions. We are all travelling a challenging road. I need to remind myself, it is ok to be not ok and allow big feelings to pass. Hold space for you, first. Sending healing vibrations.#healingvibrations #emotionalregulation #anxiety #stress #music #mantratogroovesong #singmovedrumgroove #yourcreativevoice #baysidesingerswithsoul #musictherapymelbourne #soundtherapy #connectandcreate #healing #emotions #sing #empowerwomen

    Marita Bajurnow Australia
  • You have made it so clear for me to see, understand and comprehend detrimental emotions that I wasn’t even aware of. Like with all of our previous sessions, you were right on spot. I can now keep working on myself, so I can again be that carefree, happy, joyful person who loves her kids to bits. As I was in the past. I will not allow ANGER to ruin my life and affect my family. And no judgment this time. Thank you so much for showing this to me.

    Katia Nehring United Kingdom


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