Welcome to Advanced Emotional Mastery! 

6-week, Group Coaching Program


The Program Goal: Is to take you DEEPER on your own personal SELF-Awareness journey,  as you learn to discover your own Advanced Level Emotional recovery process.  You will learn the tools to amplify your energetic presence so you may create long lasting change, to your life and for your family.


As part of our group program, I’ll hold your hand through your transformation process, PLUS you will receive my personal insights, feedback, tools and techniques in our group coaching setting that will set you up for greater level of confidence within yourself, in a safe environment.


6 group coaching calls, once each week for 6 weeks, each week run time 1.5 hour.



          Is to be committed to 1.5 hour each week. If you cannot be available online, it is important that you have accessed the recording and have done exercises from the week prior.

 –        Practice exercises each week.

          Be committed to your Personal Growth journey.

          Maintain Confidentiality within the group.

–     Book in your 15 min power chat session each week for the duration of the 6 weeks.



This is a life transformation program that has the potential to greatly impact your life, your relationships and the life of your kids.

Remember the effectiveness of this program (as with any other program) is limited to your level of commitment to the program.



As you are all aware the prerequisite to the ‘6 Week Advanced Emotional Mastery Program ‘ is the ’12 Week Emotional Mastery Program’ alternatively you have either worked with me and have exhibited knowledge of understanding emotional processing techniques and confident in attuning to your emotions.


Here below are the details of the 6 week program:


Get ready to STEP UP your Level of Confidence in Yourself!


We are going Deeper! 


At this 6 week advanced level program you will learn to:

WEEK 1 –      Own your Energy

WEEK 2 –      Detach! Detach!! Detach!!!… from the chaos & the stories created by the mind.

WEEK 3 –      Bring your MIND to a Meditative State.

WEEK 4 –      Connect to and Shift your Kids Energy.

WEEK 5 –      Build your Intuitive skill set.

WEEK 6 –      Identifying Subconscious patterns to Create NEW Conscious patterns.




I am SUPER excited and grateful to be able to Support you and Guide you on your Advanced Emotional Mastery journey!

Thank you for Your commitment to Your Journey and for your Trust in ME.



With love & kind regards,


Yolanda Alvares

Founder, Empowered Parenting

Author, Abundant Motherhood Empowering Mums to Empower their Kids