My RECIPE for ‘Less Chaos and More CALM’ in my family…


For ‘Less Chaos and More CALM’ in my family…
Set the ‘Intention’ for change to happen.
Step #2
Have ‘unwavering trust and belief’ in yourself that you can and will make it happen!
Step #3
To prepare the above, you must know that, the change that first needs to happen is within YOU! The only person you first have to have any control over is YOU!
Step #4
Do the inner work, using a ‘Loving and Compassionate heart’ and a ‘Reflective & Alert mind’.
Add Your Lightness of Being and heaps of FUN and moments of connection.
And that’s the Recipe for ‘Less Chaos and More Calm’ in your family!!
Chef’s personal notes:
🌟 You have NO real control over your child OR the choices they choose to make.
🌟 So STOP putting your time, emotions and effort into your need to control external situations.
🌟 Instead, shift your focus towards increasing your own – level of Awarenesses.
– Of your reactions caused by your emotions
– Of your deepest values, beliefs and fears
– Of your own behaviour patterns
This is The Recipe to create the family you desire, all of the ingredients lie within You!
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