We Choose the Meaning of Our Life’s Story

Do this 👉 To change the Trajectory of your Life!
YES- You get to Choose Your Story.
YES – You get to choose the meaning you give your Story.
The meaning we give our stories from
👉 our past life’s experiences
👉 our childhood experiences
👉 is where all unresolved feelings and emotions are held.
They are HELD… in limbo… waiting…
This Emotion within the story is what gets carried into our adulthood, and influences our current life experiences.
Which is why you keep experiencing the same disappointment or the same frustration over and over again!!
You ask when will this end?!
You get to choose what you deliberately choose to KEEP and what you Deliberately choose to LET GO…
Is there a story there that brings up negative emotions within you?
Have you tried everything you know and still have not been able to let it go?
Even though you know that you must Change the STORY to Change your current and future experience.
Allow me to share with you my 5 stages “Emotions Clearing Process”
You will know if you feel ready to do this.
Not everyone is ready to let go.
Letting go is our CHOICE too.
It’s ok if you are NOT Ready.
Respond ‘ I AM SO READY!’
‘Let’s do this’ !!!!
If you simply agree that yes we all do have the Power to choose your story and our life experiences…. then respond “YES 🙌🏼 “
Thank you 🙏🏻💗


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