Do your Kids Frustrate You?

Do your kids Frustrate You?
How do you respond?
Here’s a MINDFUL approach…
Observe | Hold Space | Allow
Observe… what emotion this situation is bringing up within you.
Ie. anger, frustration, annoyance.
Hold space… Be with the emotion coming up for you. Your breath is a powerful tool to support you in this process.
Allow…. it is OK, it is ok for it to express itself. It is safe to feel. Give yourself permission to feel.
What we resist persists.
Since doing this regularly, it is now a quick process.
This process has allowed me to go from being Angry to Calm mum.
🌟 It supports us to Not ‘react’ from any of our own un-dealt anger or frustration that is laying dormant within us.
🌟 Keeps us in our power and aligned to our true and highest self ❤️
🥰 Each time I use this mindful approach, I find that my words come out more powerfully yet with more compassion and the other person does not feel attacked.
Also, the other person does not react from their own undealt emotions!
🥳 Everyone is winning!!


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